Saturday, December 17, 2011

Needing to smile...

In the past two days I have had at least five or six people ask me what was wrong and if I was unhappy about the pregnancy.  I guess I have been a little nonchalant and distant.  I am elated about being pregnant!  I just don't feel good.  I am sooooooooooooooo tired and I have no motivation to do additional housework or extra stuff once I get home...and half the time I am sick.  It's hard to smile all the time when I am sick, tired, and overwhelmed at all that has to be done in so little time.  I can barely eat half the time. 

Today I am 8 weeks along.  I have experienced intermittent prolong nausea (no vomiting yet, but almost), constant thirst (can only tolerate water and sometimes milk).  Today was a long Saturday...I worked in the clinic from 8-12 (saw abou 20 walk ins), then got my lil Diva and went to teach praise dance for 2 hours (young group from 2-3 older group 3-4) then went to my mom's for a bit and now, back at home and ready to settle in.

I figure once I get out of the first trimester and the nausea and fatigue subsides, and once the Holidays are over, I'll smile more often and be more at ease.  This week alone I have to get the house in order, wrap gifts, pick up a few last minute gifts, host Christmas Brunch for the fam, and a Holiday Party on the 27th. 

Second trimester seems to be the best one - Just 4 more weeks...

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