Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Pregnancy Fears

In no particular order, here are some of my fears.

1. That I will more weight than I did last time. Last time, my pre-pregnancy weight was about 135. The day before I delivered, I weighed 185. I GAINED 50 POUNDS!!! The sad part is when I left the hospital after delivery, I weight 180 (my daughter weighed between 5-6 pounds) and I am apparently NOT one of the people who the weight just falls off of. I had to work SO HARD to lose weight and still only made it to 150 - but I am happy with that. But if I gain 50 pounds again, that would take me to gasp 200! So I am trying to stay active and not over eat and eat the right things. Although part of it was from pre-eclampsia which brings me to...

2. That I will have a high risk pregnancy. Last pregnancy towards the end, I developed pre-eclampsia (a condition with high blood pressure, swelling, protein in the urine, that puts mom at risk of seizures and baby at risk of complications) which was mild, but I hear all the time about people being put on bedrest early on, etc.

3. That something will go wrong in my marriage. I don't foresee that but it seems like in some cases, pregnancy can be when the drama starts...

4. That I will miscarry. My mom had 3 miscarriages. I have known so many people that go through this and it saddens me just to think about it. So I won't elaborate.

5. That something will be wrong with the baby. Last pregnancy I had to get a 3-D u/s because the 2-D suggested something may be wrong with the kidneys. I am grateful that everything was okay.

6. Morning sickness. I am early on now and it has not started yet. But last pregnancy around 6-7 weeks it kicked in strong. I actually lost weight at first. I couldn't stand anything mint which and this included 99% of all toothpastes (except that lemon flavor which I don't think they sell anymore). I guess that is not so much a "fear" as it is a "dread".

As of today based on LMP I am 5 weeks along (I will know more exactly after my first prenatal apt on 12/13).

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Stomach Bug

So about 1 week ago, after treating several patients with the stomach virus, I was feeling nauseated and queasy all day! Eating helped it subside some but within an hour it was back. My husband said "You must be pregnant" and I told him no. I knew I wasn't because it was a few days before my cycle was due and I was having some cramping and other symptoms that my cycle was coming any second. I had simply gotten a stomach bug from a patient I treated earlier.

Well, just for the heck of it, I took a pregnancy test that night. If I turned my head just write, twisted my eyes and stuck out my togue, I saw a very faint line. Hmmm...evaporation line?? Plus, the pregnancy test was of the el cheapo inernet variety (pack of 10 preg tests plus 30 ovulation tests about $10) and the reviews on the product were "even the water was pregnant". That morning, I retested and as a control I also tested the water. This time, the water was not pregnant, but the line was muuuuuuuuch darker.

I called my husband at work and told him I think I might be but wanted to by an expensive more sensitive test to be sure. Later that evening, the clear bue easy test was CLEARLY POSITIVE!! So my stomach bug will be in my stomach until July!

This is my second pregnancy. We have a three year old daughter who is absolutely amazing! And she is excited to be a big sister.

Last pregnancy, I did not keep a blog, but this time, I want to. I wanna track what I feel like day to day and what is happening in my body and my life.

That one day of nausea was the only one I had so far, but with my last pregnancy, it didn't get bad until about 6-7 weeks (right now I am only 4 1/2 weeks). I had one day where snacking on cheese gave me hours of heart burn. And I am tired and thirsty, but it seems to not be as severe as the last pregnancy (at least not yet).

We are telling people already which I know is a big no no so early on as anything can happen, but my excited husband could not keep his mouth shut and I'd rather my close friends and family find out from me instead of somebody else.

So here begins my journey...