Monday, July 30, 2012

My labor story...

Around midnight Wednesday night I woke up with contractions - kind of mild like the previous Braxton Hix I'd been having, about 2-4 minutes apart.  I drank some water, laid down to rest.  Woke up about 3 something - same thing, but the contractions were a little more painful like painful menses.  Seeing as I had false labor last week, I did not want to go in until I knew it was real which to me meant neary unbearable contractions or water breaking.  This continued until 5 or so in the morning so I decided to fill my husband in.  He urged me to go to the hospital but I didn't want to unless I was sure.  I did, however, take a shower and get everything set to go just in case.  The contractions were getting more painful to where I couldn't walk and had to stop whatever I was doing during them.  They were 2 minues apart.  I called my OB nurse - she said it may be time.  We called my mom to meet us there and help with my 4 y/o, he called his folks, and we went.

Upon arrival, I told the L&D nurses what was going on and they immediately got me to a room (around 6:30 am).  My nurse arrived and checked me - 4 cm dilated, contractions strong - the real thing.  She went to tell my crew (husband, mom, daughter) that we are having a baby today!!!  They got me all hooked up and hubby came back.  The only drawbacks of this day - my doctor was out of town and the doc she checked out to was checked out.  However, I also knew the covering M.D. and he is great as well.  He came in and talked with me first.  They called anesthesia to come do my epidural and they started pitocin to augment the labor.  The doctor came in, checked me and broke my water.  When he did, he and the nurse looked at eachother (like something was wrong). 

Then they said "Meconium."  Meconium is when the baby has her first poop.  In this case, she had it when it was still in my belly.  This increases the chances of respiratory distress in the womb.  The doctor said we would proceed as planned but if there was any indication of fetal distress then he would not hesitate to do a C-section. That scared me but I knew we had to what was best for my baby.

I had 2-3 more contractions and they were significantly more painful.  They sent my hubby out because Anesthesia was on the way with an epidural.   As soon as he left, I started having the most severely painful contraction ever - I was writhing and screaming in pain.  Cursing, begging the nurse to make it stop.  It lasted much longer than any other contraction and it just would not stop!  She said I was having a hypertonic contraction.  (I would never wish that pain on my worst enemy!!!)  During this long spell, anesthesia came in and after much efforts to get me in position, he started the procedure.  The contraction did slowly let up but I was hurting like I had never hurt before.

The epidural began to kick in.  The nurse checked me.  Her eyes got big and she said "You are not going to believe this!"  "What?"  I asked.  Had I gone to 6 or 7cm?  Had that big hypertonic contraction caused me to make progress?  She answered, "You are complete (10cm) and ready to push!"  No wonder it hurt sooooo bad.  She called my husband back and filled him in and before I knew it, the doctor was in and I was pushing. Three to four rounds of pushing and the baby was out!

My mom and daughter were in the waiting room and had no idea what was happening.  The nurse went to get them.  They were thinking they were going to come in and wait with me while I labored.  Afterall, with my first, it took 21 hours (I was induced for medical reasons that time).  We had only been at the hospital about 3 hours. 

They walked in and their eyes just lit up with surprise as my mom said, "The baby's here?  Already?"

Just like that our family added its newest addition. She was born at 9:16 am on July 26th weighing 6lbs 14.6 ounces. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Two nights ago at midnight I woke up having contractions pretty often, started timing them - about 10 minutes apart.  Went to sleep and woke up about 2 am, same thing - contractions but closser together 2-4 minutes.  Not terribly painful, but very regular.  Continued inspite drinking water, warm bath, laying down, spoke to the OB Nurse who said I needed to be checked (since I was 38 + weeks and at last visit I was 2-3 cm dilated, 50 percent effaced, and -2 station.  We packed up and headed to L&D.  Long story was FALSE LABOR! 

So still pregnant.  I'm being patient, just tired, hot, and uncomfortable. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's a....

Okay, so update.  I am now about 16 weeks along.  I have been miserably sick!  At first it was mostly aversions to food and nausea, but it soon converted to vomiting!  Phenergan made me so drowsy and stopped working.  Then Zofran helped and I thought it was a miracle until I started having side effects (headaches and the most debilitating constipation ever!).  Being sick has let up some but when it returns, it hits me hard.  Two days ago was horrible I got sick twice at work and soon as I got home.  I took my last zofran and immediately vomited it back up. :-(  I had to settle for phenergan and was out all evening until the next day.  I didn't keep anything down that day and lost 2 pounds.  In fact I have not gained any weight this pregnancy.  It has been horrible and I do not think I can go through this again...

Okay.  Enough whining.  On the bright side, I had the ultrasound Monday.  Now I have been thinking maybe it is a boy because this pregnancy is so different from my last.  Glowing skin (last one I was breaking out like a teenager) and horrid morning sickness, etc.  Although at 13 weeks and 6 days I felt I knew it was a girl.  I told my husband and he said that no it's a boy.  My daughter at first wanted a little sister but later said she thinks it is a boy. 

Ultrasound earlier this week showed that..................................
it's a GIRL!!!!  I am excited.  My second little Diva.  No need to buy a new stroller or car seat (the one we have is already pink and gray).  I feel I am pretty good at raising girls. 

Unfortunately, my husband is experiencing some gender disappointment.  Although he is still happy, he is a little sad that we are not having a boy, especially since this is likely our last pregnancy / baby.  He was so looking forward to a son to bond with and give his name to.  :-(  But I know he will come around.