Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Pregnancy Fears

In no particular order, here are some of my fears.

1. That I will more weight than I did last time. Last time, my pre-pregnancy weight was about 135. The day before I delivered, I weighed 185. I GAINED 50 POUNDS!!! The sad part is when I left the hospital after delivery, I weight 180 (my daughter weighed between 5-6 pounds) and I am apparently NOT one of the people who the weight just falls off of. I had to work SO HARD to lose weight and still only made it to 150 - but I am happy with that. But if I gain 50 pounds again, that would take me to gasp 200! So I am trying to stay active and not over eat and eat the right things. Although part of it was from pre-eclampsia which brings me to...

2. That I will have a high risk pregnancy. Last pregnancy towards the end, I developed pre-eclampsia (a condition with high blood pressure, swelling, protein in the urine, that puts mom at risk of seizures and baby at risk of complications) which was mild, but I hear all the time about people being put on bedrest early on, etc.

3. That something will go wrong in my marriage. I don't foresee that but it seems like in some cases, pregnancy can be when the drama starts...

4. That I will miscarry. My mom had 3 miscarriages. I have known so many people that go through this and it saddens me just to think about it. So I won't elaborate.

5. That something will be wrong with the baby. Last pregnancy I had to get a 3-D u/s because the 2-D suggested something may be wrong with the kidneys. I am grateful that everything was okay.

6. Morning sickness. I am early on now and it has not started yet. But last pregnancy around 6-7 weeks it kicked in strong. I actually lost weight at first. I couldn't stand anything mint which and this included 99% of all toothpastes (except that lemon flavor which I don't think they sell anymore). I guess that is not so much a "fear" as it is a "dread".

As of today based on LMP I am 5 weeks along (I will know more exactly after my first prenatal apt on 12/13).

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